Thank you very much for volunteering to keep your team’s score.  This is the official scorekeeping book for your division.  Please follow the following steps in order for the league to track standings in each division.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tom Ketterer, 813-503-9641.  We appreciate your time and accuracy.

•    Prior to game time, please get from both managers their line up cards.  There line up card should identify any players that are also absent
•    Record the line up in the score book.  Visitors first and then home team
•    All players during the regular season will bat.  There are NO SUBSTITUES
•    Please also list any absent players at the bottom of the scorebook
•    Please indicate in the scorebook which players are pitchers
•    Please put both teams’ names and the date of the game
•    Please put your name as well in the indicated scorekeeper position
•    This year’s scorebook has a pitch counter section in the book.  Please use this section or use one of the pitch log sheets in the back of the book
•    Please list the pitchers in on the pitcher tracking form also in the book
•    Each game should have a filled out pitching tracking form and a pitch log sheet (if not using the section in the scorebook)
•    Pitching rules/counts are listed on the back of this form.  Please let the umpire know when each pitcher has reached their pitch count
•    At the end of the game, please use the black sharpie in the pouch for writing the final score in the book.  Write the score on both the visitor and home score sheet
•    Please also complete the pitching tracking form in its entirety
•    Please ask the umpire to sign the official score book at the bottom of each page
•    Please ask each manager to sign the official score book at the bottom of each page
•    Please have each manager also sign the pitching tracking form
•    Please fill in the winner and final score on the schedule form in this notebook
•    Please keep the scorebook with this notebook at all times
•    Return the scorebook/notebook back to the concession stand upon completion of the game