Coach Info

Thank you very much for your interest in being a coach for our league!


  • Team managers and coaches are responsible for the following duties:
  • Performance & conduct of the team and its spectators at all team functions
  • Knowledge of all the rules developed by Little League and the LOL Board
  • Attendance at all of the manager, coaching, first aid and umpire meetings as required
  • Provide a team parent responsible for coordinating team activities.
  • Assume responsibility for obtaining and returning all team equipment
  • Inspect the fields prior to the game and make necessary repairs.
  • Insure that a Concession Stand worker is in place prior to each home game.
  • Submit Coaches Applications by the second week of practice.


Managers and coaches are responsible for their conduct and the conduct of their team and fans.

The Land O’ Lakes Little League Board of Directors recognizes and adheres to a “Zero Tolerance” policy in matters of conduct. Obscene or foul language or gestures from players, fans, coaches or managers will not be tolerated.  Adults are reminded that we are the role models for all LOL players. We encourage positive feedback from our managers, coaches and spectators. Disparaging remarks or verbal abuse directed at managers, coaches, umpires, Board members, volunteers, parents and especially players will not be tolerated. Inappropriate touching and/or handling of players by managers or coaches will not be condoned by the league. Any incident will be brought before the LOLLL President and the LOLLL Disciplinary Committee. Managers and coaches who come to practice or games under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be sent home and their position in the League reviewed. Use of tobacco by managers or coaches on (or in close proximity to) the playing field or dugout during their regularly scheduled practice sessions or games is prohibited.  Failure to meet these requirements may lead to dismissal from their role in Little League.